Crushing Roller Wear Segments

Crushing Roller Wear Segments

crushing rollerMilling machine rollers are normally protected from wear by hardface welding.  Replaceable wear segments could offer several advantages over the hardface solution.  However, due to high grinding pressures and abrasive feed material, prior attempts at replaceable segments suffered mechanical difficulties.  Unwanted shifting and cracking of segments caused this solution to fall from favor.  While a number of iterations were attempted, an industry-accepted design remained elusive.

Tripod Innovation worked closely with the client to create a new type of segmented wear protection.  Through application of TRIZ principles, a unique segment geometry was developed.  Simulations were conducted to assess behavior and predict response to operational stresses.

Innovations in material science and manufacturing were introduced to further improve segment performance.  Through successful integration of these features, the final segment eliminates the shortcomings of all previous segmented wear protection concepts.

Upon acceptance of the conceptual design, Tripod Innovation continued to support the product development efforts through detailing and manufacturing of the first segments.

In 2014 an Australian patent was granted for this design.

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