Sample Projects

Sample Projects

High Temperature Fluid Bed Conveyor

The client needed a method for transporting hot, powdery material in a nearly horizontal direction for an industrial application.   These challenges were met by an innovative fluid bed transport system with a multi-layered air distributors.   The resulting design was awarded a United States Patent.  [read more]

fluid bed

Oil Seal Redesign

In a harsh, dusty environment, spherical roller bearings support a large rotating shaft weighing several tons.  These bearings were protected by an effective, but complex sealing system.  Tripod Innovation redesigned the system, reducing the number of parts by half while maintaining the same level of bearing protection. [read more]

clean slate

Crushing Roller Wear Segments

By partnering with Tripod Innovation, the client received patent pending solution to a long standing industry problem.  Tripod Innovation was part of the entire development process, from concept generation through detailed engineering and manufacturing.  [read more]

crushing roller

SAG Mill Finite Element Analysis

By developing improved finite element analysis procedures, Tripod Innovation streamlined the client’s mill design process.  The new mathematical models were audited, and found to agree favorably when compared to strain gage testing and historical data. [read more]

sag fea




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